• Emile Ducke is a German documentary photographer. His work focuses on Eastern Europe. For the past two years, he has covered Russia’s devastating invasion of Ukraine, from the build-up to all-out war, its outbreak in Kyiv and the immediate aftermath of the occupation of Bucha, to the Russian retreat from Kharkiv region and daily life under shelling in Kherson. He has done so as a regular contributor for The New York Times, as well as for other international publications and on personal projects. Before 2022, he was based in Moscow, where he covered Russia’s tumultuous descent into ever more violent authoritarianism. Over five years, he worked across the country, documenting the realities of daily life far from the capital, from the remote corners of Siberia to the edges of the Russian Arctic. He captured the contradictions of life in Chechnya under the Kadyrov regime, and probed how the legacy of Stalin’s labour camps is being rewritten in Putin’s Russia, among other topics.


    • 04/2023
    • Chernobyl
    • New York Times
    • 01/01
    • 02/2023
    • Izyum, Ukraine
    • The New Yorker
    • 01/02
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